Monday, April 7, 2008

John Varvatos Takes To The Bowery

John Varvatos opened up his concept shop this week in CBGBs legendary home where some the venue's skeleton is still visible in several places . The Varvatos team did a very good job with the construction and restoration. It was a pretty impressive job they did and stocked their racks with the signature clothing and terrific footwear. There is also a nice stock of the collaboration effort of Varvatos and Converse peppered in on the racks. The staff in the boutique is great an attentive and informed me the Varvatos plans on hosted live acts in store on their expandable stage. Oh don't forget some of the vintage vinyls available in up front in the shop, definitely a new place to go through and check out. Forgot to mention, if you love Chucks better get down to Varvatos ASAP there is a series of 6 designs (could be 5 cant recall) that are limited to only 18 pieces each, they were all fantastic takes on the original.

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