Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Week Days... I Dunno

So I have lost track of time over the last couple days. Thursday was New York/Conde Nast's Fashion's Night Out, which in my opinion was beyond a failure. In an attempt to help retailers it was actually more of a finical investment for most and lest profitability for many. Think about it extended hours, extra staffers, free booze, oh and don't forget about the shoplifting opportunities. Foot traffic that evening was heavier than normal but sales were stagnant from all I have heard from. Let's hope this was the first and last night out for fashion.

Friday was Robert Geller's spring/summer 2010 show, I was invited to work the show by Robert and his intern Joseph, it was a fantastic day of hard work. We got started at 12 noon building the floral arrangements for the set, dudes building floral arrangements is a funny scene I will tell you that much and Robert got a real kick out of it too. As the models started rolling in in the mid afternoon things were really taking shape and the back room was set up by us for dressings and models were assigned. Through all of this Robbie was cool and calm and just joking around with us like it was just another day (especially when he gave me and Joseph shit for eatting McDonalds). As show time rapidly approached models were sent up and we begin the race of dressings and final touches. Everything went fantastic and the environment was beautiful on the set with the forrest that was created. The collection echoed Robbie's inspiration and the color story intense and eye catching. I can not wait for my pair of baggy Cupra drawstring shorts, and the petroleum leather jacket with shoulder zips.

There were several other shows and presentations over these couple days but to be honest I haven't really looked at them and I'm not too worried about it.

Blogger is acting up so I will update photos from back stage later this evening, so stay tuned, they're uploaded now.

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