Monday, June 15, 2009

Robert Geller: 2009 Swarovski Menswear Nominee

From WWD:
"When Robert Geller started his label two years ago, fans of his previous venture — the acclaimed but defunct label Cloak — recognized some dark and poetic strains but saw clearly that Geller had moved on from Goth
and punk. “When you get started, you kind of throw out a collection just to make it real, just something to look at,” then weed out things that aren’t working, Geller says. “Now that I have developed my language, I feel like I can address different subjects.” This year, he says, he found his true voice — “moody, romantic, dark and elegant.” "

A nice little bit of insight into Robbie's world in terms of how he directs his vision of his collection. Good luck to Robbie.

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