Saturday, December 13, 2008

Atelier New York Opening Soiree

New York's avant garde overlord Atelier NY opened the doors to their beautiful new location on Thursday evening for an opening soiree. The weather was perfect in that it was cold, pouring rain, and dreary, it set the tone for the vacuum of color that is Atelier. Once inside the new space I was taken back the crowd was amazing but the space stole the show. Karlo and the gang have such an exquisite vision and this new location is beautiful extension of that. The 25 ft. high ceilings with the giant windows framed in 1920's original iron work wrapped around the store. The clothes racks are square steel that seem to seamlessly form 90 degree angles and then just disappear in the to polished concrete floor. Then their are the cowhide/fur lined fitting rooms with the thick doors and the floor to ceiling mirrors. The space is in one word, epic, there is no other word more fitting.

Anyways the party, wine and champagne flowed and decades aged Parmigiano and Salami were served of a marble slab. The crowd was the by far and large the best dressed crowd I've been in around. The scene was laid back and fun, every one had let their guard down and was just there to have fun. It was great to be able to attend this night and party. Cheers to Atelier, Karlo, JoJo, Sato and the rest of the gang.

I will be trying to get some pictures up I'm currently waiting on some.

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