Saturday, September 6, 2008


FIRST PICTURES AVAILABLE ANYWHERE. Thanks to Darkanimal for these shots, full show review coming first thing tomorrow. Thanks to Robert and company for having me especially Joseph Williams.

Show Review
Robert Geller's goal for this collection was to truly embody his vision and aesthetic, and his inspiration was found in eastern Europe. Geller's take on spring/summer flowed fantastically from his autumn/winter collection bringing his dark elegance into this typically lighter season. A brilliant color palette of plums, charcoals, blacks and creams all perfectly muted played with the amazing fabrics used through out. Boiled wool pants and asymmetric waistcoats, striped linens, and lambskin bombers in black or petroleum blue with amazing stitch details. Some of the collection had echos of Ann Demeulemeester especially in the use of stripes and fabric rose accessories, but even on that note the collection remained very much so Robert Geller especially in his impeccable tailoring on the jackets. Gradient dyed jeans were one of the pieces that really struck me as well from the show, just the way it was done and worked into the look was so subtle yet eye catching I loved it. I was a bit thrown off by the heavy horizontally striped sweatpants, a bit of a prison look but something that has slowly grown on me as I think more of them. The brown oversized lightweight coat/trench towards the end of the show was amazing and the look it was a part of was pure perfection for me.
This well curated collection in a fantastic location was just what Robert needed, this collection will be just another stepping stone to prominence for Geller.