Monday, September 22, 2008

My Hair Care

Ok so I get asked/gushed to/poked fun of/petted/etc about my hair on a regular basis, so I figured I would let you in on what I use. I keep it simple I use a shampoo called
Cutler Daily Shampoo, this shit is fantastic. I wash my hair every day and this shampoo really does the trick, it keeps my hair hella clean and soft plus it smells pretty damn good. I picked this up from Miomia in Williamsburg and I suggest you give it a shot.

pick it up.


Nature Grafitti said...

I love Miomia :)

Joey said...

yea they always stock good stuff in there katie the owner is awesome. i was there today picking up deodorant.

MR style said...

i love your long hair !!