Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tank Tops In The NY Observer

Check out my input on the mantank in the latest New York Observer:
"Joseph Keefer, a manager at Odin, one of several Manhattan boutiques that are now carrying longer and looser versions by designers like Rick Owens and Robert Geller, said the wifebeater look has come back at “two totally different ends of the spectrum.”
“For the more fashion-forward crowd, it’s about the layering effect,” said Mr. Keefer, speaking of a new style of wifebeater-esque shirts that hang below the waist, like a fitted ribbed tank by Robert Geller ($115) that’s flying out of his store. (As of press time, they were sold out.) “Then there’s the group that wears the classic Hanes beater underneath a polo shirt or a button up. Both are coming back simultaneously.”