Monday, July 28, 2008

Capsule Show

This seasons Capsule Tradeshow was a very short experience for me this season. I really only walked the floor for about 30 minutes and glanced through a couple lines.

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair: The line looked fantastic, great proportions and style albeit very reminiscence of Rick Owens but more accessible.

Julian Red: Piotr showed me some pieces from the line and it was of course strong. Very much so moving in the direction of a full and complete collection and less of just a jeans company. JR's spring was light and airy I dug it.

Wrath Arcane: Its looking like the boys and girls of Cleveland are stepping it up. The line looked nice and the fabrics and construction was stronger. Some very strong pieces for spring from them.

Fremont: Devin and Brittany have put together a well curated spring line from Fremont. The line keeps growing and getting more focused I like what I'm seeing from them. Its always about the little details with Fremont.

I think thats pretty much all I checked out while I was there as I was kind of in a hurry so I hope that gives some idea.

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