Friday, May 30, 2008

Beat Poet S/S08-09

After the long delay, a preview of the extremely well thought out spring summer collection of Beat Poet! I'd love to hear feed back for the guys about the line.

EDIT The colors are all off something happened when I converted the files. Ugh stupid shit computer my girlfriend has.


Jess said...

Thanks for the peak anyway..


Jian Joseph said...

Joey! I was in NY Mon-Wed and I tried to stop by First Among Equals, except now you work at Odin, which I had no idea til I checked SuFu a few days ago.

Anyway, my friend Virginia starts interning at Archetype pretty soon, and I've also started a blog too. So if you link me I've already done likewise:

I'll definitely let you know next time I hit up the city.

Joey said...

Hey Jian! Thanks for checking out the blog, whos the friend interning at Archetype those are my peoples there.

I checked out your blog nice stuff dude and added you to my links.