Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Art

Philippe and I have created a new art form to counter the hordes of "artists" who practice such advances styles of "art" that you're forced to just scratch your head and wonder. The art I speak of is styles such as radio art, post modern living sculpture, and the list goes on. Philippe and I have created Social Art, now social art is both terribly complex while maintaining the simpleness found in macaroni glue art. I can not explain this art form because you must find your own understand of it before you can part take in it. This my friends is art at the highest of calibers. So yea that sums up yesterdays walks around Manhattan. I hope this makes no sense at all which would make this literally art, ok enough art bashing, I enjoy art I just struggle with the way people try to portray their art and what not, so yea. I'm done making absolutely no sense.

EDIT. just realized there is a genre called social art already, well fuck.

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