Wednesday, September 5, 2007

TheCast SS08 Runway Show

I was lucky enough to be invited out to TheCast's first ever runway show tonight at St. Mark's Church on E 10th. The show blew me away, these guys did it, I always had a liking of what they have done and a respect but never got that into the line but after tonight that has changed. This show was so strong such a great interpretation of influences such as Heidi's work with Dior Homme and old school rock. Slim blazers, extra long sleeves understanded yet extordinary detailing on all the pieces. The show started with the more classic looks a light wieght wool shawl blazer with light weight wool slim trousers, and going into more casual more rock styles, showing denim and denim jackets and vests, and then silver, gold and red snakeskin pants all skin tight. I'm exhuasted so this isnt working out great but as soon as I can track down pictures (i forgot my camera back in the car) I will post them up.

Look out for TheCast, by far in the top collections for SS08 I've seen, each piece was cut so perfectly.

Thanks to Audrey & Corey at Archetype Showroom for the invite.

More detailed write up and pictures coming soon.

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