Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Capsule In Review

Yesterday were the tradeshows, unfortunately I had to miss out on Project but that's life and Capsule was awesome.

A brand new show being run by the group BPMW and it was a great show, amazing location and great brands. Here is some info on some of the spring lines sorry about the lack of pictures I forgot the camera.

Ksubi The amazing print tees continue to excel and the denim is amazing for spring, everything from super clean raw to completely 80's style skinny torn up skate style denim. Ksubi is killing it, their sunglasses also were amazing. I would say Ksubi had a very strong showing their spring season is going to be absurd.

Julian Red JR brought in the cavalry showing some super clean variations on their staple denim, California black raw in a super light weight, I estimate 9oz selvage denim. Some very clean washes as well and some great collection pieces. The clean button ups were complemented by the amazing Munki hoodie which is quick becoming a staple for Julian Red as well as the abstract tee prints.

Wrath Arcane The hoodies and jackets did it for me, especially the light weight inside out jersey pull over hoodie, and the cardigan. They had a couple jackets that really caught my eye as well with great attention to detailing in all their pieces, the jackets are a real great showcase for them.

Freemont showed a small selection for this show, but what was there was very nice clean drappier pieces every being very lightweight for spring. Great construction on everything from them of course.

Orthodox A line I did not know very much about but took a quick liking to once I was shown it, very strong collection complemented by amazing Pima cotton unique print tees. A very accessible collection I must say, something I look forward to seeing more of.

Kicking Mule Workshop Barbara and her crew at KMW are expanding rapidly showing cinch back workman style models, mud dyed (ala sugarcane okinawa) 1950s, and railroad style striped denim. KMW also debuted some tee shirts and hoodies made of very nice cotton, they are really looking at very nice vintage authentic feel for spring.

Pharmacy Industries This Italian line came out and showed "only 30%" of their entire collection, but it was strong granted very hit or miss. Pharmacy had some amazing hoodies and polos but some of their embroidery and other techniques used on some of their pieces was not necessary and I felt took away from their very strong pieces. All in all I would like to see more from Pharmacy.

Staple Is moving into more cut and sew and that is a good thing. Staple's cut and sew pieces are truly their best as I feel their tee shirt prints have steadily gone down hill. Several jackets including a great M65 style were my favorites from them.

WoodWood Some cool print tee stuff as well as some nice jackets didn't get too much of a feel for it but still very solid from what I saw.

Umbro By Kim Jones Again I did not take too much of a look but I did see several very nice sneakers and several nice sweaters.

Social Atlier Kept it relativly simple but still very strong, they do what they do well. Good block letter printed tees/vnecks/tanks. I dug it.

Well thats all I can remember right now I will add more later on, I am sorry for the sub-par writing I am tired and out of it from the long day yesterday and lack of sleep.

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