Monday, June 25, 2007


Yesterday I worked, a little bit. Jake came up from DC to hang out which was awesome, showed him the store walked over to Ubiq which had a sick huuuge Sex Pistols Bearbrick in the window. Then we walked back over to Washington Square sat around for a little bit had wine and I went home. Kibbler and Jake came by the apartment a little later on and we all shot the shit for a while it was cool then we got pizza. I sound like a little girl, fuck I don't care. Kibbler said Carolyn and I act married, and thats ok with us. We got up at like 7:30 this morning so she could get the train, now I'm waiting for gay UPS to come pick up this Hellz Bellz RA, and I should email my Skull Denim PO out shouldn't I. OK well I will.


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The Truth said...

Nice read ! im really lovin the new collection from HELLZ BELLZ